Preparation Of Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Preparation of Business Interruption insurance claims

When disaster strikes, the period following a loss is a critical time for any business. Preparing the business interruption insurance claim and negotiating settlement is a crucial part of the recovery process. When a loss occurs, it is important for a business to focus on the earliest return to normal trading, rather than being diverted by the complexities and time-consuming demands of its business interruption insurance claim.

Commercial Loss Management provides professional assistance and manages the claim process with the client’s insurance broker. Our understanding and experience with insurance technicalities, reinstatement challenges and loss management, together with our strong financial and accounting skills ensures that the insurance claim is prepared professionally, accurately and in a timely manner.

Commercial Loss Management charges on the same basis as most professionals, on a time and costs basis. If a loss involves an insurance claim our fees are often recovered as part of the claim.

Preparation of Other Categories of Insurance Claims

Commercial Loss Management provides professional assistance with the following claims:

  • Advance Loss of Profits
  • Fidelity Guarantee
Preparation Of Other Categories Of Insurance Claims
Economic Loss Quantification

Economic Loss Quantification

In situations where a commercial dispute or breach of contract has occurred, Commercial Loss Management is able to work with other professional advisors to:

  • Quantify economic loss
  • Advise on all aspects of economic loss
  • Review opposing quantum evidence
  • Act as an expert witness

Pre-Loss Advice

The complexities of business interruption insurance mean that many businesses need professional guidance. Working closely with insurance brokers, Commercial Loss Management can:
  • Review exposures and estimate maximum probable loss
  • Advise items of cover and the appropriateness of the sums insured
  • Review the indemnity period
Pre-Loss Advice

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