When a loss occurs, it is important for a business to focus on the earliest return to normal trading, rather than being diverted by the complexities and time-consuming demands of its business interruption insurance claim.

The following steps will allow the business interruption claim to proceed efficiently and help recover the business as quickly as possible:


Step 1: Establish Policy Cover

The first questions most people ask are “How does my Business Interruption Policy work?” and “When will I receive progress payments?”

You need answers to these questions to plan your business recovery. Commercial Loss Management will represent you. One of our goals is to help you make informed decisions to allow you to recover your business.

To do this we will review your business interruption policy, establish what is covered, and any limitations that may affect what can be claimed.

Step 2: Quantify Losses

Commercial Loss Management believes that understanding your business is key to determining what impact the incident will have on its income and expenses.

We will assist you in setting up systems to capture the data and information required to prepare the business interruption claim.

Commercial Loss Management will quantify your business interruption claim for you.


Step 3: Progress Payments

Progress payments can be vital to the cash flow of the business especially if the disruption is significant and lengthy. Interim calculations of loss will be prepared and reviewed by you before being presented to the loss adjuster.

Step 4: Claim Settlement

Commercial Loss Management will work closely with you to determine when the business has returned to normal. We will quantify the final claim. To ensure your understanding, you will review every aspect before the final claim is presented to the loss adjuster. Our involvement continues until the claim is finalised and you have received final settlement.


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